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Red Hatch Chile Ristra . Approx. 10 x 20 in. Artist Cami Lien (Ristras does not come with lights)

Red Chile Ristra

SKU: 10-1010
  • You’ve seen the beautiful chile ristras hanging on the portals in Santa Fe, and now you can take one home with you. The inspiration is from the Farmer’s Chile Market, which sells ristras made from authentic Hatch chiles. However, our ristras are weather resistant and stay bright for years (and are easy to pack). More about ristras here.

    Our products are designed and manufactured to give you lasting enjoyment. They are printed on weather-resistant PVC material with waterproof ink. Extreme conditions (over 96 or under 30 degrees F) may cause warping, so bring them in if conditions are severe. Clean with a damp, soft cloth.


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