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Corn Husk Ristra Top

Add a corn husk top to your ristra is very simple. You need:

Dozen dried corn husks – get them at your grocery store in the Mexican food area. They are used to make tamales.

6 in. twine

Sharp fork


  1. To make the hat, soak the corn husks in a bowl of water for about 10 minutes

  2. Remove the corn husks from the water and place them on a cutting board

  3. Run the tines of a fork over them, separating the husk into thin strips.  

  4. Cut a small (about 6 inches) piece of cotton string or twine 

  5. Bunch the corn-husk strips around the twine, like a little broom.

  6. Tie a string around the bunch in the center and attach to the twine

  7. Fluff out the top and spread over the top of the chile ristra

Watch Chris Alexander at Ristramnn Chile Co. in Mesilla, NM make an authentic red chile ristra with a decorative corn husk top.

Go to 12:20 for instructions on making the corn husk top



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